Council Meeting

Dear Members


Please click here to find the minutes of our last Council meeting held just prior to the AGM, which Bearsden Ski Club generously hosted at their superb Clubhouse.


Please click here for the agenda for the forthcoming Council meeting.


I hope many of you will have taken the opportunity to assist in forming the shape of how we would like our organization to look, and how we achieve that. As I indicated when I circulated the members with the date of this coming meeting, Andy Salmon and the staff team have been holding a series of consultation meetings to present some of the proposals from the staff and Board to the membership, and I hope that the forthcoming Council meeting will give us an indication of current thoughts with the benefit of having the views of the membership.


Item 6 on the Agenda will give members the chance again to express their thoughts on the staff and Board vision for the way ahead, and I anticipate that this item will take up most of the meeting. In order to allow for a full discussion we have moved the normal start time, and will start the meeting at 7:00pm. I hope this is not an inconvenience, but the future way forward for the organisation is extremely important at the moment.


Andy and the staff team are preparing a report for items 2 to 5 which will hopefully assist in moving matters on quickly at the meeting. This will be circulated closer to the meeting date. Unfortunately, snow conditions were not great this past season, but there have been some outstanding performances from our athletes across the disciplines, and I have been aware of increased activity on our artificial and indoor facilities.


Hopefully you are able to attend and would be grateful if you would advise if you will attend or otherwise.


Hope to see as many of you as possible on Wednesday 31 May, and as always, please feel free to contact me at


Bill Gray


Snowsport Scotland President