Park & Pipe

 There is a vibrant Park & Pipe competition scene including 15-20 events throughout Scotland! The competitions range from fun low-level jams for local freestylers through to national level competitions appealing to performance-orientated athletes. All Park & Pipe events have the opportunity to be registered as part of the British Snow Tour (BST): a UK wide slopestyle ranking system. Each event is given a star rating from 1 to 6 according to the quality of the event and the attending athletes. This star-rating affects the points that competitors attain from the competition and will further contribute to BST ranking system. View the BST System for full information. 


Scottish Park & Pipe Triple Crown

Following a consultation in June with clubs, coaches and facilities involved in freestyle competitions and training programmes we now have a revised way to determine the overall ‘Scottish Champion’ each year.

The Scottish Champion in each discipline will be determined from BST (British Snow Tour) points gained from 3 events below with the Scottish Champion having to perform across three 2+2 format events on three surfaces.
- Indoor Open (Sept)
- Dryslope Open (Nov)
- Mountain Open (March)

Dates for 2016-17

Saturday 10th September 2016
Scottish Park & Pipe Indoor Open
Snow Factor

Saturday 12th November 2016
Scottish Park & Pipe Dryslope Open

Saturday 11th March 2017*
Scottish Park & Pipe Slopestyle Open
Cairngorm Mountain
Final event at Cairngorm will have a post-competition event on the Saturday night with series awards.

*If the weather means we can’t run the Cairngorm event on Saturday, there will be a rollover to Sunday 12th March. If we can’t run on Sunday 12th, we will postpone until 15th April again with an automatic rollover onto 16th April if it can’t be run on 15th.

Individual Event Medals and Awards

There will be medals for 1st, 2nd 3rd in age categories U12, U16, Open, and Overall at each event.

Overall Triple Crown Medals and Awards

‘Triple Crown’ trophies awarded after the final event with a cup/trophy that is engraved and returned. These will be for the 4 categories: Male Snowboard, Female Snowboard, Male Ski, Female Ski. We will look to award cash prizes for category winners after the final event.

The 2016-17 Triple Crown is kindly sponsored by NorVern Snowboards and Pre-Fit who are both providing cash for overall and category winners as well as prizes. 

The main competitions for Scottish athletes that take place each year are below (BST star rankings in brackets):


January Jams (1 star)

A series of jam format competitions at all 5 Scottish snow resorts making the most of the early snow with rails, boxes and shaping kickers for all ages, disciplines and abilities.


Scottish Park & Pipe Slopestyle Open (3 star)
Triple Crown Event

Formerly dubbed the 'Scottish Freestyle Championships', this event will see a custom built slopestyle course to attract some of the country’s best riders to compete in a 2-run qualification and 2-run final format.


The Brits Festival (6 star)

With the week long fesitival, this is one of the highlights of the year for many athletes! This event was most recently held in Laax, comprising of Slopestyle, Big Air, Halfpipe, and Ski/Snowboard Cross competitions. To find out more information visit The Brits.



KJAM is organised by members from Kendal Snowsports Club. The competition is running as a jam format. Riders will have as many runs as they can fit into the allotted time. To make judging easier and to give competitors as much time as possible on the slope for the first hour of the Jam boarders will compete on the kickers and skiers on the jib features they will then swap over at the end of the hour. Visit for more information. 


Hillend Summer Session (2 star)

Recent addition to the scene, this competition takes place at Midlothian Snowsports Centre will see skiers and snowboarders competing in Slopestyle, Big Air and Rail Jam events at Midlothian Snowsports Centre Hillend. Following a 2 run Slopestyle qualifier, finalists will have the chance to battle it out in 2 jam sessions: Big Air, and Rail Jam.

Go Big or Go Home (Bearsden) (4 star)

One of the biggest and most popular artificial slope events of the year, Go Big or Go Home runs as a jam format with a 3 run final. To find out more, visit Go Big or Go Home.


Go Big or Go Home (Aberdeen) (3 star)

The newer of the 2 Go Big or Go Home competitions starting in 2015, this competition sees competitors make the most of the rails kicker, quarterpipe, rainbow rail and infamous flatbar. To find out more, visit Go Big or Go Home.


Scottish Park & Pipe Indoor Open (5 star)
Triple Crown event

A 2-run qualification and 2-run final slopestyle event at Scotland’s indoor facility, Snow Factor, Braehead. The park team creates a course for a wide range of abilities for skiers and snowboarders.


The Brits Indoors (5 star)

This is a jam format competition for established riders as well as those new to freestyle competition which takes place indoors at Chill Factore, Manchester. Find out more visit The Brits.


Scottish Park & Pipe Dryslope Open (3 Stars) 
Triple Crown event

Working on a two-year rotation between Bearsden Ski & Board Club and Aberdeen Snowsports Centre, this dryslope competition offers a 2-run qualification and 2-run final format to skiers and snowboarders of a wide range of abilities.


To find out more about competitions and how to become a Registered Competitor to enter them please see Join Us.